About the Art Docent Program

Nurturing the artist in every child

The Loyal Heights Art Program combines the Art Docent Program and the Artist in Residence Program allowing students in grades Kindergarten through fifth grade to participate and explore monthly art lessons and projects as well as an in-depth theme for each school year.

Since 1998, Loyal Heights has become known for our thriving Art Docent Program. Each month, trained parent volunteers go into the classrooms to teach art lessons and do art projects with the LH students. Lessons introduce the students to great works of art and artists, teach art concepts, build students art vocabulary and get them talking about art ideas. “Everyone is an artist and everyone can share their ideas about art” is the approach that the art docents take. Our goal is to open children’s eyes to art and make them art appreciators as well as to develop their art skills and creativity so that they will have continued confidence as an artist.

Students’ artwork, which is process-driven (not product-driven), can be seen adorning the hallways of our school. LH has also collaborated some years with Seattle Art Museum (SAM) to bring trained instructors to our school for lessons related to current SAM exhibitions.

Our spring Art Walk showcases the students’ art in an art show atmosphere, including live music. Children see the value we place on art and feel proud of their work when they see it prominently displayed and appreciated.

Our Artist in Residence (AIR) program brings a gifted, professional artist to our school each year. This individual leads students in enriching lessons and hands-on art and performance, all based on a cultural theme. Recent themes have included Norwegian puppetry and masks; African drumming; and dance from Benin and South Africa. For the 2011-2012 school year, the AIR program will explore the arts and culture of India.


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