Poinsettia sponge paintings – Impressionism/Renoir

27 Nov

Impressionism is a style in which the artist paints an object as someone would see it if they just caught a glimpse of it. They use a lot of color and many of their pictures are outdoor scenes. Their pictures are also very bright and vibrant. The artists like to capture their images without outlines or detail but with bold colors. One of the most well-known impressionist artists was:

Pierre-Auguste Renoir was a French artist who lived a long time ago (1841-1919).
(show portraits)
Look at this comparison between a photograph of Renoir and an impressionist self-portrait he painted of himself.  Discuss differences between photograph and painting. He made many paintings in the Impressionist style and we will look at another one today:

Still Life with Roses
Does this look clear and precise like a photograph?
What do you notice about how it’s painted?
– he’s used color and strokes of his brush to give the idea of flowers and vase
– no outlines
Composition – the arrangement of parts in an image to form a pleasing whole

Our project
Poinsettia sponge paintings – holiday time is near and we see them around often this season
– we will use sponges to make paintings of poinsettia flowers in the impressionist style
– our sponge prints will suggest the shapes of the flowers without drawing lines and details

look at poinsettia (plant or photograph)
– what features do we notice?
*circular orientation of petals
* yellow center – clusters of dots
* red petals/green leaves

Get started
write your name in pencil on the back!
Use Q-tips to dip in yellow paint and make a few flower centers on your page.
– not too close to the edge or to each other so you have room for the petals
Use sponges dipped in paint to make petals all around your centers
– these flowers are traditionally red colored but you may use any color
– each flower should be a single color
– make a few green ones for leaves if you like (use sponge or paintbrush)
– don’t mix red and green!  It will turn muddy brown
Once you’re finished with your petal sponge prints choose one background color and carefully use a brush to fill in the white areas around your flowers
– select a different color than your flowers

– thick drawing paper
– sponges cut into petal shapes of varying size
– Q-tips
– paint brushes
– tempera paint (several colors thinned slightly)
– paint cups
– water cups
– desk protection paper
– drying rack
– wipes!  They will get messy 🙂

project inspired by:

Room 6 First Grade Ms. Wilson

Docent: Jen Clark
Assistants: Jen Dailey, Stephany Toche, Larcy Douglas

Email: jennifergclark@gmail.com

Art Elements Reviewed: composition, Renoir


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