Symmetry – Tony Orrico

17 Nov

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We had another art docent visit today, this time focusing on symmetry. We looked at Inuit Art that is based on bilateral symmetry and discussed the ways that our bodies are basically symmetrical. We did some movement experiments, and then looked at the work of dancer/visual artist Tony Orrico, who makes drawings based on the limits of his own dimensions and the symmetry of the body (see the video, and show it to your kids if you’d like!).

Then, we worked on two projects: one was a collaboration in the hallway, based on Orrico’s gesture drawings. The other was an individual project where the kids experimented with cut paper, lining up the axis to make symmetrical designs. Hope you enjoy your kids’ work!

Room 3, Kinder, Ms. Lepse

Docent: Gala Bent and Heather Allen

Art Elements/Principles/Artists Reviewed: Symmetry


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