Pattern, Texture and Storytelling – Faith Ringgold

17 Nov


Pattern, Texture and Storytelling
Faith Ringgold (1930- )
Print used: Tar Beach

Faith Ringgold was born and raised in Harlem,New York. She was greatly influenced by the fabric she worked with at home with her mother, who was a fashion designer, and has used fabric in many of her artworks. She is especially well known for her painted “story quilts” which blur the line between “art” and “craft” by combining painting, quilted fabric, and storytelling. Her finished pieces are actual quilts. No paper. No painting. And are displayed in many museums across the country.

“Tar Beach” is one of her many “story quilts”. Read “Tar Beach” book.

Ask students to think about the sentence, “I would like to fly over… because…”

Pattern and Texture


When answering the question above, what is it about that place or image that makes you want to be there or explore it from above?

What would it look like? Does it have vibrant colors, sparkling lights? Is it bigger than you imagined?


Explain lesson and show example.

Like Faith, use fabric scraps to create a patterned border around your paper.

Use fabrics that inspire and enhance your drawing.

Write your sentence at the bottom, then your drawing above with YOU flying in the air!


14” x 14” square white paper with border lightly drawn
Fabric scraps, cut in 2″ strips
Pencil and fine-point Sharpie for writing sentence
Colored pencils & Glue sticks


  • Write name NICELY in pencil on back.
  • Choose fabric scraps and cut them into squares about 2” x 2”.
  • Glue your border of fabric scraps with glue stick
  • Draw with pencil your drawing AND sentence.
  • Make sure your sentence is complete and written nicely and not TOO BIG.
  • Double-check to make sure it is written correctly, then trace over with a Sharpie, write your name near the sentence
  • Make sure to include YOU in the picture flying.
  • Color in with colored pencil


2nd grade, Ms. Schroder, Room B3
Art Docent: Marcie Guthrie
Art Elements/Principles/Artists Reviewed: Faith Ringgold



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