Line and Shapes used to Draw a Complex World

21 Oct

We studied the types of line and shape that artists use to draw a complex world– looking at simple families of shapes and lines, and practicing them on a sheet that will come home in their folders today.

A Victor Vasarely piece showed us how some art is made of simple shapes that we can name (square, rhombus, rectangle, etc.). A Picasso drawing showed us how some of our line families (straight, curved, angled) can help us draw a face. A Jacob Lawrence piece showed us that we can make a detailed scene out of many types of shapes. (examples of these artists’ work are attached)

Then Room 3 kids shaped two pieces of paper to become heads and shoulders, and used line to draw all the features and embellishments. The variety and imagination was awesome!

Room 3, Kinder, Ms. Lepse

Docent: Gala Bent and Heather Allen

Art Elements/Principles/Artists Reviewed: line & shape


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