Creating a Character – Tim Burton

21 Oct


1. We looked at several Tim Burton Sketches (from his concept sketches to realization both in animation & live-action)

2. We did a demonstration of building a simple 2-D character out of paper (using markers, simple templates & brads)

3. The students designed and built their own moveable character!


1. To understand the MOTIFs an artist might typically employ in his/her work (for example, with Tim Burton we noticed: STRIPES, SPIKY lines, BIG ROUND eyes, Round or HEART shaped faces, STITCH lines, etc…)

2. To use those motifs while creating our own character that embodied particular values &/or story (for example, with Tim Burton we talked about characters with VULNERABILITY, a sense of WHIMSY, who are maybe a little bit CREEPY, but BIG HEARTED)

3. To begin to understand how we can turn 2-D characters into moveable creations.  To do this, we had the students add brads to make their characters moveable (which will be important as we move into the 3-D of clay).


1. We had a set of very rough Tim-Burton-ish parameters for the students to follow, but they were free to be as creative as possible!

2. We talked about how the simple lines of an eyebrow can convey emotion (ie: sad lines point up from the nose, angry lines point down towards the nose…some kids had great fun trying to figure out “wicked” eyebrows, “happy” eyebrows, “surprised” eyebrows…)

3. All images shown were related to Tim Burton’s G and PG work only. We talked about James & The Giant Peach, The Nightmare Before Christmas & Alice in Wonderland


Room 8, 4th grade, Mr. Kreiter

Docent: Kira Franz-Knight


One Response to “Creating a Character – Tim Burton”

  1. jennifergclark November 28, 2012 at 11:04 pm #

    I love how different this lesson is! Very cool 🙂

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