Patterned Animal Illustrations

2 Oct


newsprint scratch paper (for practice and desk protection)
sharpie markers
thick white paper
colored construction paper
glue sticks

Pattern: is an element (or several elements) that is/are repeated over and over in a regular sequence
– identify patterns in classroom or on kids clothes
– draw a few on the board

Iain Macarthur Owl

© Iain Macarthur

Look at the art of Iain Macarthur – a young illustrator and painter from England

– he uses patterns in his drawings of animals
– repeating shapes in different areas of his drawings
– light and dark areas, thin lines and thick lines, many different shapes

We are going to create an animal illustration in this style
first decide on your animal and create a line drawing
– practice in pencil on your scratch paper
– use one of my examples as a guide or do a different animal of your choice
– make the animal very large on your piece of paper

Within your animal drawing add patterns in sections
– use lines to separate areas of your drawing for different patterns
*SUGGEST LEAVING FACE PLAIN* to help the viewer know what kind of animal you made
– but if you want to pattern it you may
– some patterns are big and some are small
– try to use a different pattern in each section
– for patterns with black areas fill them in all the way (no scribbling)

when your illustration is complete cut out your animal and glue it onto a colored piece of construction paper


– with younger students remind them of proper marker use (only on paper, not on skin, clothes or desks)
– after being inspired by Iain Macarthur’s work the idea for this project came from DeepSpaceSparkle here and here

Room 6 First Grade Ms. Wilson

Docent: Jen Clark


Art Elements/Principles/Artists Reviewed: line & pattern


One Response to “Patterned Animal Illustrations”

  1. Marcie October 7, 2012 at 7:41 pm #

    Love the patterns (using just black) and bright colored paper for the background. Such a simple idea with so much impact.

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