Pointillism – George Seurat

20 May

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slideshow of art from students

Print used:

 A Sunday on La Grande Jatte



5×7 watercolor paper

Q-tips (cheap ones are best, less puffy cotton)

Small dixie cups or tray of primary colors plus black (small amount so they don’t use too much) and white

Each pair will share cups/tray of paint

Mounds of Q-tips (they go through a lot!)


(reminder WRITE NAME on back with pencil)

Speak of George “Sah-RAH” (lived from 1859-1891) and pointillism…

Have kids think about what they’d like to paint. Give ideas, especially ones that are simple in design with not a ton of detail. Fish, starfish, flower(s), clouds in the sky, abstract, boat in a lake, shooting star, planets, etc.

The students will be filling their ENTIRE piece of paper with color. So they will need to add a background as well.

Steps: (WRITE NAME on back with pencil)

1. Draw a simple outline with your pencil, don’t press too hard, **use ENTIRE paper, not just a small portion of the center

2. Use the TIP of your Q-tip to DOT your paper with color. Avoid sliding the tip. For a lighter color, layer with white.

3. Experiment with color. You can make all kinds of colors by placing different colored dots next to one another or on top of each other.

4. Cover the entire picture with dots. Look at your picture close up, then step back from it and take a look. Are the colors blending together?

5. Not too much black. Avoid outlining in black. Use black ONLY to darken a bit of color, a small amount goes a long way. Sometimes a darker color can be achieved by just layering colors.

Room 6, 1st grade, Ms. Wilson
May 2012 lesson
Docent: Marcie Guthrie
Art Elements/Principles/Artists Reviewed: color, George Seurat, Pointillism


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