Postcard art – Landscapes

8 Mar

– blank postcards – I made my own using the computer and printed them (2-up) on letter size cardstock. A blank front with a frame to draw inside, and a fun back with fancy “postcard” script, address lines and a stamp box.  I finished them by decoratively cutting the edges with either pinking shears or other textured cutter.
– colored pencils (I chose them for ease in my K class but with the right paper this could be a great watercolor activity too!)


Postcard back

foreground – object closer in space often near the bottom of the picture
background – objects further away behind the main subject often near the top of the picture

Read book: The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson (illustrated by Axel Scheffler)

Discuss several landscape scenes from the story and what we objects we see in the foreground and background. Note how the space is filled and color is everywhere (no “white” left)

Think about all the places the snail and the whale went together.  If you went someplace special you might send a postcard to a friend to tell them about it. (Talk about sending/receiving postcards

Think of someplace special you’ve been, a favorite scene from our story or even invent a landscape in your imagination. Using only colored pencils, draw and color in your landscape scene on the front your postcard.  Fill the whole white space and add details in the foreground and background.

If kids finish early they can color in the frame on the front or write a note to someone on the back.

Room 2 Kindergarten Mrs. Schroeder

Docent: Jen Clark


Art Elements/Principles/Artists Reviewed: color, space


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