Lines into Shapes

1 Jan

Objective:  Show common lines, then show what happens to those lines when they intersect and overlap.

Lines can have expression on their own. But when overlapped and intersected, they create shapes. Sometimes recognizable shapes, sometimes abstract shapes.

The 1st project:

Using their initials to draw lines creating shapes on the paper. Each initial is drawn large and overlapping on top of each other so that the shapes combined, creates even more shapes.

The kids practiced this on their blank newsprint. Then copied their favorite design on the final piece. Traced their pencil with BLACK oil pastel. Making sure to continue the lines and shapes to the outer edge of their paper. Then colored in the shapes. They had to repeat each color at least one time.

The 2nd project:
Same concept, except the student used free form lines to create shapes. Limiting the sheet to no more than 5 lines. Making sure to intersect and overlap their lines. And repeating colors at least one time for each color.

Closing Comments/Observations: Most kids couldn’t believe that just 2 letters overlapped could create such cool shapes. And were amazed that it most cases their initials seemed to almost “disappear” once they colored in all the shapes. Some children used just 2 colors, repeating them in a pattern, while others used as many colors as they could and repeating them at least once.

Room 6, 1st grade, Ms. Wilson
Docent/s: Marcie Guthrie
Art Elements/Principles/Artists Reviewed: Line and Shape, Line creating Shape, intersecting lines, overlapping lines


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