Continuous Contour Line

27 Oct

Art element featured: LINE

Artist featured: Emmanuel Claudais

Discussion: what kind of lines do we see in the world?

Introduce “continuous contour” concept – define terms:

continuous – to keep going without stopping
contour – an outline that defines the shape of an object
“continuous contour drawing” means drawing a picture continuously without picking up our pencil from the paper. 

The drawing will be made of one continuous line and we will draw the outlines, or contours of the object.

There are many artists who use this technique to practice with and some artists who only work in contour. 

Emmanuel Claudais is a Canadian artist who works in continuous contour. (Show static examples) He draws the contours, or outlines, of his artworks by never taking his pencil off the paper – by continuously drawing a single line. Some of these scenes are very detailed and have many people and objects in them. But he also does more simple studies of single objects. {show video example}

Here is a link: Website:

discuss video

Try one together: examine a simple object and discuss the kinds of line observed. Emphasize that the “looking and seeing of the object” is the most important part because you want to try your best to draw what you really see in front of you, and not rely on what you think is there.

give brief demonstration drawing an object on the board. (Talk about the lines as you draw them)

Each student should be provided with an object to study and draw (older students might try drawing portraits this way either of themselves or a partner) Have them practice on a scratch piece of paper first before making the final drawing on whatever material you select in whatever medium you choose.

Room 2 Kindergarten Mrs. Schroeder

Docent/s: Jen Clark


Art Elements/Principles/Artists Reviewed: Line, form


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