October Line Lesson and Printmaking – 2nd Grade

11 Oct

ROOM 8                 ART LESSON 1       Tues, Oct 11th, 2011




  • To review the Elements of Art.
  • To discuss and practice drawing the 5 line types
  • To apply the knowledge of line (using all 5 line types), to create a design for print.

This year we will occasionally be using the Art Connections Books.  These books are an excellent resource for learning the Art Elements and Principles and are full of a rich variety of artist profiles and illustrations from all Art Mediums.

We started with an Art Review from Art Connections of “What is Art” and had the students name the Art Elements from what they could read in the book.  We also covered the Element of Line and the 5 line types (horizontal, vertical, diagonal, curved, zigzag)

 After practicing line types on paper, the student’s created a “pumpkin” design using what they had learned, and pressed it into a Styrofoam plate.  We then applied ink to the Styrofoam with a brayer and transferred the design to paper. Voila!  The pumpkins came to life!  Everyone was thrilled with the results, and other than a few inky fingertips, the lesson was a success!  Great Job Room 8!


Styrofoam plates


speedball ink



Art Docents:

Kimberly Albert

Brit Sutherland


One Response to “October Line Lesson and Printmaking – 2nd Grade”

  1. albertkn November 15, 2011 at 4:28 pm #

    This was a fun lesson! Great Job!

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